Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields

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Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields

Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields (1984)
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A hidden diamond in Mike's discography

This album is an emotional experience, and a work of audio art, from beginning to the finale; his most visually evocative album ever.

This is a must for any Mike Oldfield collector. There's is not a single track out of place here. A wide range of emotions and moods are covered, from the brutal, violent "Evacuation", monumental and gothic "Requiem for a City", sorrow-filled "Pran's departure" to the joyful and triumphant "Pran finds the Red Cross". It can be a dark trip through your subconscious and admittedly some parts can be very, very eerie. It is an extraordinary contribution to an extraordinary movie.

Music Tracks:
1.Prain's Theme
2.Requiem For A City
4.Pran's Theme 2
7.Bad News
8.Pran's Departure
10.The Year Zero
11.Blood Sucking
12.The Year Zero 2
13.Pran's Escape/The Killing Fields
14.The Trek
15.The Boy's Burial/Pran Sees The Red Cross
16.Good News

Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields