Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II

Posted By: tinusvans

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II

After Mike Oldfield finished his masterpiece Tubular Bells I it sold millions of copies. Mike's bankaccount was filled rapidly so he could continue looking for new instruments and electronic gadgets to make a second record with this theme.[CUT]

And so he did and there it was, ready for the world. But again Mike wasn't satisfied and with even more money available he kept searching and composed another Tubular Bells, part III.

You have to do it with the links to Tubular Bells II first which I found laying around on the internet.

I checked the files and found they are in 320 kbps. I wouldn't go for a single bit less.

Remarkable there is a password and that is and the links are surprisingly on RapidShare.

So enjoy it while I go digging for some more goodies on the net. I guess I'll dig up Tubular Bells III next.