Miki Gonzales-Café Inkaterra MP3-224 kbps

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Miki Gonzales-Café Inkaterra MP3-224 kbps

Miki Gonzales-Cafe Inkaterra

Genere: Chill Out-Andean Chill

A great peruavian artist with a great musical work: mix of inka or peruvian music with electronic sounds

Songs included on this CD

1. Water Dance - Tusuy Puquio
Folk theme from the water festival in Puquio, Department of Ayacucho.

2. Premonition - Little Owl at your Door
A traditional melody from Cajamarca played on a Cajamarca clarín. The clarín of Cajamarca is approximately 3 meters (9.8 feet) long, a hollow cane without finger holes. The challenge of playing this instrument is to modulate the notes using only the position of the lips and the strength of the breath.

3. Munaq (The Lover)
This theme is played in Peruvian Andean style on the mandolin, a popular instrument in the Andes of Peru.

4. Altiplano - Modesto Sikuri
Sikuri is a popular musical rhythm from the Altiplano (highland plateau) performed by a large number of marching musicians playing the siku. The Siku is an Andean version of the Pipes of Pan. To complete the musical scale two performers are needed. A reflection of the cosmic vision of the Andean man, where nothing exists without being balanced by its opossite. In Huancane, Puno, near Lake Titicaca, a type of Sikuri is performed called "sikuri moreno" ("dark-skinned sikuri"). The sikuri in this version was composed by Modesto Butrón and recorded by the group Surimanta.

5. Andean Divinities - Apuyaya
Apuyaya belongs to a harawi genre performed in the style of the Ayacucho mestizo yaravi - dating from the baroque era. This version of the theme - sung in quechua in praise of Jesus Christ - was only permitted to be sung during Holy Week in Huamanga, Ayacucho's capital.

6. Lullaby
For this theme a field recording was made by Xavier Bellenger in the Peruvian Rainforest. The voice is a mother singing her child to sleep; additional music composed by Miki Gonzáles.

7. Festival of Abundance - Qanchi
An agricultural dance from Cusco played on qynray pito, bombo (bass drum) and a tarola (snake drum). The qynray pito is a type of quena (vertical reed flute) played sideways like a classical flute. This melody is played during Carnival (Mardi Gras) in the department of Cusco and is performed by members of the Sumaq Inti Center of Native Art.

8. Mother's Tears
The muliza is a folk music genre from Jauja (town in Peruvian Highlands) played with the clarinet, saxophone, Andean harp and violin. This muliza was composed by Esteban Palacios, native of Jauja. He directed the Orchesta and played the clarinet.