[rapid] My Mix CDs 5

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[rapid] My Mix CDs 5

My Mix CDs

Burn the ultimate Mix CDs
My Mix CDs is the dream application for anyone looking to burn their
ultimate mix CDs. Developed from the ground up as an audio burning
application rather than a data tool, My Mix is the best application on
the market for burning mix CDs.

Remove unwanted silences, intros, and endings
Sometimes long song introductions, fade outs or hidden tracks make
it difficult to fit one's favorite song into a mix. With My Mix CDs,
these artifacts can be removed using a song 'cropping' tool.

Transition smoothly from song to song
My Mix CDs includes a plethora of samples, scratches and effects for
you to use to professionally transition from song to song.
Simply select your effect to create a polished sound never before
achievable on a home computer.

Automatically fix volume differences between tracks
Nothing is worse than cranking up the volume on your stereo to hear
a track that was recorded at a low level, only to have your ear drums
blown out by the next track which was encoded too loud.
My Mix CDs enables you to fix these variances in your tracks with the
click of a button.

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