Moby "Hotel"

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Moby "Holel" (2005) - 2 CD

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Moby's latest, Hotel, is a two cd set that delivers some of the most intimate work that he's ever done.

For Moby, the idea of a hotel room is a metaphor for life. Everything happens in a hotel room - business, family life, all types of intimate relations - yet as soon as we leave, all traces of our presence is wiped clean.

The first CD is a mix of songs sung by Moby and Laura Dawn. Laura Dawn is the Event and Cultural Director for and the moveOnPAC, and a killer vocalist to boot. The second CD is a collection of ambient pieces.

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CD 1:

1. Hotel Intro
2. Raining Again
3. Beautiful
4. Lift Me Up
5. Where You End

6. Temptation
7. Spiders
8. Dream About Me
9. Very

10. I Like It
11. Love Should
12. Slipping Away
13. Forever

14. Homeward Angel
15. 35 Minutes (Bonus Track)

CD 2:

1. Swear
2. Snowball
3. Blue Paper

4. Homeward Angel (Long)
5. Chord Sounds

6. Not Sensitive
7. Lilly
8. The Come Down
9. Overland

10. Live Forever
11. Aerial