Bustan Abraham & Ross Daly - Abadai

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Bustan Abraham & Ross Daly - Abadai

Bustan Abraham & Ross Daly - Abadai
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01 - Dance from the Black Sea
02 - Abadai
03 - Ah ya zen
04 - Pinar (Percussion Solo)
05 - Iokasti’s dream
06 - Tortoise at the bottom of the the world, teach me to move slowly


Bustan Abraham was founded in 1991 and has, since then concentrated on instrumental music which combines various musical cultures from around the world. Each member is fully involved in the creative process. From this cooperative effort a uniquely Israeli musical statement ha evolved that extends beyond geographical and artistic boundaries. When I was first introduced to Ross Daly’s music I felt that someone was speaking in my own language and touching upon the same roots that I have always sought in music. It was the same source of inspiration that moved me to found Bustan Abraham five years earlier. It is not easy to combine different musical cultures and, through them, give life to a new musical creation which is both original and held in high esteem. Meeting a musician who succeeds in doing so, regardless of his cultural background, is very exciting and refreshing.

Artist Info:

Bustan Abraham is comprised of seven distinguished Israeli musicians, both Jews and Arabs, who have combined their experience as composers, soloists and heads of musical ensembles to create original instrumental music which combines elements of both Eastern and Western traditions.Ross Daly is a musician and composer of Irish descent, who was born in England in1952. Due to the fact that his father worked in many different countries, he grew up in England, America, Canada and Japan where he was exposed to a wide variety of cultural influences. He was trained in western classical music (Cello, Classical Guitar) but at a very early age he displayed a keen interest in oriental music. This interest continued to grow resulting in extensive travels throughout the near – East and Central Asia, and studies with master musicians of various oriental modal traditions. In 1975 he moved to Crete where he studied for many years the Lyra with Kostas Mountakis. Mountakis, now decesed, was Crete’s recognized master of this instument and, in Ross Daly’s own admission, played a very important role in his own musical development.