VA - Monster Shindig (Hanna Barbera 1966)

Posted By: teddyk

Monster Shindig Hanna Barbera 1966

Here's another spooky, scary record for all the little monster kids out there in Kreepsville. Released in 1966 from Hanna-Barbera called "Monster Shindig" is ghoulish gem that features some kreepy-delic music by Danny Hutton such as; "The Monster Jerk", and other tracks featuring my all time favorite monster cartoon family, "The Gruesome's" from "The Flintstones" such as; "Joining the Monster Shindig". And lets not forget the way KOOL cartoon cover!

Track List

01 Monster Shindig (Danny Hutton).
02 Super-Snooper & Blabber Mouse.
03 Super-Snooper Song (Danny Hutton).
04 On to the Gruesome House
05 A Perfectly Horrible Evening.
06 Monster Shindig Pt. 2 (Danny Hutton)
07 Joining the Monster Shindig.mp3
08 The Monster Jerk (Danny Hutton)
09 Midnight and Time to Go
10 Working the Graveyard Shift.
11 Fire Department Helps Irving.
12 Super-Snooper Song (Reprise) (Danny Hutton)
13 Monster Shindig (Reprise) (Danny Hutton)