In The Mood For Love (Soundtrack)

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In The Mood For Love (Soundtrack)

Audio CD (October 30, 2000) Label: Virgin (mp3@192) + Front, Inside, Back Covers & CD

1. Yumeji's Theme - Umebayshi Shigeru Listen
2. Mo-wan's Dialogue - In The Mood For Love ST
3. Angkor Wat Theme I - Michael Galasso Listen
4. ITMFL I - Michael Galasso Listen
5. Aquellos Ojos Verdes - Nat King Cole Listen
6. Shuang Shuang Yan - Deng Bai Ying
7. ITMFL II - Michael Galasso
8. Radio Zhou Xuan Announcement/Hua Yang De Nian Hua - Zhou Xuan
9. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Nat King Cole
10. Bengawan Solo - REBECCA PAN
11. ITMFL III - Michael Galasso
12. Si Lang Tan Mu - Tan Xin Pei
13. Shuang Ma Hui - Zhang Yun Xian/Hou Li Jun
14. Blue - Michael Galasso
15. Hong Niang Hui Zhang Sheng - Zheng Jun Mian/Li Hang
16. Li-zhen's Dialogue/Te Quiero Dijiste (Magic Is The Moonlight) - Nat King Cole
17. Angkor Wat Theme II - Michael Galasso
18. Yue Er Wan Wan Zhao Jiu Zhou - Chiu Wai Ping
19. Casanova's Flute - Michael Galasso
20. Yumeji's Theme/Li-zhen's Dialogue - Umebayasi Shigeru
21. Angkor Wat Theme Finale - Michael Galasso

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Soundtracks are a mixed bag at best. Some are little more than an assortment of pieces, but others hang together effectively on their own, like this one. The idea of Chinese music--both
popular and operatic--juxtaposed with the sounds of Nat King Cole performing Latin music might seem bizarre, but it works beautifully, sustaining a lush, romantic mood created both by the strings and the '40s Chinese music, itself a tinkling Hollywood pastiche. But as atmospheric as all this is, one track stands out above the others: "Blue," actually a version of the classic "St. James' Infirmary," takes on another dimension in Chinese hands. While familiar but completely alien at the same time, the slithering Asian sonorities mesh perfectly with the
African-American form to create something evocative but with a sadness that goes beyond blues. The movie is of a time and place; the soundtrack is of a mood and yearning. Listen at night, with someone you love close by. :-)