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Mozart in Egypt

Posted By: Hugo
С Новым годом, почтеннейшая публика!
К предстоящему 27 января дню рождения Моцарта предлагается сей необычный музыкальный экскурс.

Западная музыка выстраивает вертикаль гармонии и контрапункта, арабская музыка линейна, в ней события следуют одно другому. Соединение несоединимого образует некую безумную диагональ, необычный опыт восприятия.

There are problems, of course, in trying to marry Mozart and Egypt. Western music takes pride in the vertical arts of harmony and counterpoint. Arabic music is linear, one event following another. The result then is what the producers describe as a "crazy diagonal." And yet it works.

Mozart in Egypt works so beautifully because Courson carefully kneads the different polyphony of classical sounds into the Egyptian landscape. He is so successful as a match-maker that you literally move from one mode to the other without recognising that a change has taken place. Before your ears, Mozart's melody vanishes into the oriental mosaic and becomes a part of it.

Mozart in Egypt
320 Kbps | mp3 | 144 Mb

1. Ikhtitaf Fi Assaraya /Die Entführung aus dem Serail
2. Doppelquartett F-Dur Kv 496
3. Lamma Bada Yatathenna /Sinfonie Nr.40
4. Mahdiyat /Lullabies
5. Konzert F.Klavier & Orchester Nr.23 A-Dur
6. Hamilu Lhawa Tahibou /Die Zauberflöte, Arie D.Papageno
7. Yaman Hawa /Thamos, Koenig In Aegypten Kv 345
8. Mawwall
9. Doppelquartett Es-Dur Kv 374
10. Ouazat Al Kahira /Die Gans Von Kairo Kv 422
11. Egyptian Symphony Nr.25
12. Dhikr /Requiem Kv 626 Golgotha