Mozart | Requiem

Posted By: Hugo

В копилку интерпретаций Реквиема Моцарта - версия Бернстайна.

One more Mozart Requiem interpretation, the Bernstain version.

As with his performance of the Mass in C Minor with these same forces, Leonard Bernstein provides another outstanding performance, certainly one of the very finest available of this oft-recorded music. Without indulging in the sort of Romantic mannerisms that sometimes afflict his Mozart, Bernstein urges his Bavarian forces on to heights of passion and intensity that never upset the music's natural proportions.

Mozart - Requiem | McLaughlin, M. Ewing, Hauptmann, Bayerischen Rundfunks | 320Kbit | 124Mb

1. Requiem (Chor, Sopran I) (I. Introitos)
2. II. Kyrie (Chor)
3. Dies Irae (Chor) (III. Sequenz)
4. Tuba Mirum (Sopran I / II, Tenor, Bass) (III. Sequenz)
5. Rex Tremendae (Chor) (III. Sequenz)
6. Recordare (Soprani I / II, Tenor, Bass) (III. Sequenz)
7. Confutatis (Chor) (III. Sequenz)
8. Lacrimosa (Chor) (III. Sequenz)
9. Domine Jesu (Chor, Sopran I / II, Tenor, Bass) (IV. Offertorium)
10. Hostias (Chor) (IV. Offertorium)
11. V. Sanctus (Chor)
12. VI. Benedictos (Sopran I/II, Tenor, Bass, Chor)
13. VII. Agnus Dei (Chor)
14. VIII. Communio Lux Aeterna (Sopran I, Chor)