Mozart - Requiem, KV 626 (Celibidache, Munich Philharmonic, 1995) [FLAC] + Rehearsal Video

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Mozart - Requiem, KV 626 (Celibidache, Munich Philharmonic, 1995) [FLAC] + Rehearsal Video

Mozart - Requiem in D minor, KV 626 (1995)
CD: FLAC, CUE, LOG | 328 MB (of in total 599 MB) | 68:38 Min | Recorded in 1995 | Label: EMI, released 2004
Video: MP4 | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC | 271 MB | 23:24 Min | 480x320 | partial german, french | english subs hardcoded
Genre: Classic, Live Music, Choir Works, First Viennese School | Sergiu Celibidache & Munich Philharmonic

Conductor Sergiu Celibidache, who, in his lifetime, did not authorize recordings to be produced of his performances, had a rather unique perspective on tempo. (…) In the present case of Mozart's Requiem, Celibidache's choice of extremely ponderous tempos throughout may be instructive for a while in that listeners can truly appreciate all of the subtle suspensions, inner voices, and other nuances. But listening to the cumbersome pace quickly becomes tedious. Even movements that are traditionally slower, such as the Tuba mirum and Sanctus, are made even broader. The performance of orchestra, chorus, and soloists is quite clean and well in-tune; the sound quality of the recording is also satisfactory. The tempo choice alone makes this CD a questionable choice for listeners seeking to discover Mozart's Requiem. ~ Mike Brownell, All Music Guide
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem in D minor, KV 626
Series: EMI | Celibidache Edition
Released: 01/11/2004
Cat. No: 557 8472
Format: CD
Number Of Discs: 1
Barcode: 0724355784728
Version: Franz Xaver Süssmayr
Soprano: Caroline Petrig
Alto: Christel Borchers
Tenor: Peter Straka
Bass: Matthias Hölle
Philharmonischer Chor München
Münchner Philharmoniker
Conductor: Sergiu Celibidache
Recorded in 1995/02/15 and 17
Lable: EMI
Format: CD (live digital recording)

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1 - Applause
Requiem in D Minor K626
I. Introitus
2 - Requiem aeternam
3 - II. Kyrie
III. Sequenz
4 - Dies irae
5 - Tuba mirum
6 - Rex tremendae majestatis
7 - Recordare, Jesu pie
8 - Confutatis maledictus
9 - Lacrimosa dies illa
IV. Offertorium
10 - Domine Jesu Christe
11 - Versus: Hostias et preces
12 - V. Sanctus
13 - VI. Benedictus
14 - VII. Agnus Dei
15 - VIII. Communio - Lux aeterna - Cum sanctis tuis
16 - Applause

Personal Remark:
The included video footage is a montage from the documentary "The Garden of Celibidache". It puts together all scenes from that movie, in which Sergiu Celibidache rehearsals and performs Mozart's Requiem with Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. These rehearsals were those for the live concerts in 1995, which were recorded for this Audio-CD. I've also included a few more relevant infos in the archiv.