MP3 Collector's Pack

Posted By: hanumanz

MP3 Collector's Pack
Some Must-Have Appz + 1 Illustrated How To + 1 Prayer = 19 MB

MP3 Collector's Pack

(This image is here only as a décor ! )

Oh Amigos !
You are so envisaging and you want to have a good but less heavy copy of your CDs !
You are so nice and you want to share your prefered music !

Okay, but please be more envisaging and more nice :
Do the things within quality!

Here what I can propose to newbies like myself :

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) if you want the best quality ;
Easy CD-DA.Extractor if you want good quality and very ease of use ;
Tag & Rename because delivering information about an album is very important ;
AudioShell to have all mp3 information under your right clic ;
Music NFO Builder to build nfo, m3u, pls, sfv, md5 from mp3/mpc/ape music files ;
VividLyrics if you want to display the lyrics synchronizing with the music ;

And a Nightmedia Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide :
How To Use EAC

for making professional mp3 files honoring the music you love !

This is not an AIO pack, but some software I use personally.
All appz are in separate folders with inf file.

And believe me : I am a newbie poster,
but here at AvaxHome are people I call
The Master Posters
who accustom me to the quality.

So, let us be good apprentices, follow their example, and be more demanding with ourselves !

Amen !

Download :
MP3 Collector's Pack