Mercedes Sosa - Sino (1992)

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Mercedes Sosa - Sino (1992 - Argentina)

1. Y dale alegría a mi corazón
Fito Páez
2. Honrar la vida (en vivo)
Eladia Blazquez
3. La solitaria
Luigi Jusid
4. Caruso
Lucio Dalla
5. Río de camalotes
Mario Corradini
6. Luna
Pedro Herrero
7. Sina
8. La última curda
Catulo Castillo - Aníbal Troilo
9. Encuentros y despedidas
Milton Nascimiento
10. Palito de tola
René Vargas Vera - Alberto Sánchez Vera
11. La media pena
José Nuñez - Carlos Vallejo
12. Cinco siglos igual
León Gieco

Mercedes is the Greatest!, September 23, 2001
Reviewer: "moe_d_anglais" (Galiano Island)
What can you say about a lady with such a powerful and yet delicate voice who can still keep it up after so many decades on the stage? And Mercedes Sosa is a native American i.e. "Indian", it's rare that someone from that background succeds as much as Mercedes has done.
And she's proud of it! One song on this album, "Cinco Siglos Igual" chronicles the destuction of the Americas in the 500 since Columbus, but does so in an elliptical, poetic, moving fashion.
This particular album is pure pleasure and fascination, never a dull song. She belts out the definitive rendition of "La Ultima Curda"(The Last Binge), and the orchestra really takes you along for the ride; the song compares the churning of a drunkard's innards to the churning of the mud on the bottom of the River Plate! So it's good that she also includes inspirational songs like "Dale Alegria a mi Corazon". She turns almost operatic in "Caruso", while "La Solitaria"'s frenetic passion will sweep you off your feet-as will "LLegadas y Despedidas", in which she compares the bustle of the world to a busy railway platform.
Honestly, she can sing in any style. A pity this disc isn't easily available; it ought to be a classic.

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