VA-Nice Dream Music_Multiple Oranisms-2005

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VA-Nice Dream Music_Multiple Oranisms-2005

01. Shanti Matkin Vs. Jimbo - What Vibrations
02. Gms Vs. Jimbo - Big Bang
03. Deedrah - Secret Files Of Seven
04. Sub6 Feat. Michele Adamson - Ra He Ya(Shulman Remix)
05. Soundaholix - Technofari (3rd Ear Remix)
06. Cyrus The Virus - Goa Moon
07. Frequency Surfer - Winding Rhodes
08. Earthling - Chill Bill
09. Abakus - Rainbow Warrior
10. Bluetech - Forgiveness

Nice Dreams Music, founded in 2004, emerged into the vision of the Spun records family in Ibiza.

Nice Dreams Music provides an alternative for trance heads. With the many new emerging styles of Electronic Music at hand this century, from cutting edge electro and progressive to dublistic chillage, to lounge and beyond.

From its Headquarters, deep in the countryside of Ibiza, the Nice Dreams crew are proud to present their first sonic journey, 'Multiple Organisms'.

Nice Dreams Music is the spanking new chill out division of Spun Records, USA/Ibiza, and with this first release, Dj Celli (a.k.a Earthling) brings together a rare collection of blissed out, Psy-Lounge and down tempo adventures, composed by the cream of the Psy-trance and chill-out producers crop

VA_-_Multiple_Dreams_By_Nice Music_Dreams-2005