James Newton Howard - The Village (Soundtrack)

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James Newton Howard - The Village (Soundtrack)
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In the wake of his Sixth Sense triumph, young director M. Night Shyamalan shrewdly marketed himself as a marquee draw, a thriller auteur in the vein of Hitchcock and DePalma. In the process he's also run headlong into one of Hollywood's truest adages: There's no such thing as a sure thing. But while his tale of an isolated hamlet ringed by mysterious, threatening 'others' met with tepid reviews and disappointing box office, it also underscored another filmmaking truism: So-so films can still be blessed with magnificent musical scores. This hauntingly beautiful, yet thoroughly contemporary orchestral soundtrack by James Newton-Howard distinguishes itself at every turn, becoming a clear standout in the ongoing collaboration between the composer and Shyamalan. While similar fusions of minimalist and post-modern musical influences can sometimes seem not much more than hollow intellectual exercises, Newton-Howard inhabits his hypnotic arpeggios and droning rhythms here with an evocative undercurrent of the mysterious and mystical. The composer leans heavily on solo violin to conjure a mock folk tradition of indistinct origins, wedding it to a contemporary classical sense that's as seamless as it is distinguished.

James Newton Howard - The Village (Soundtrack)
1. Noah Visits
2. What Are You Asking Me?
3. The Bad Color
4. Those We Don't Speak Of
5. Will You Help Me?
6. I Cannot See His Color
7. Rituals
8. The Gravel Road
9. Race to Resting Rock
10. The Forbidden Line
11. The Vote
12. It Is Not Real
13. The Shed Not to Be Used