Nguyen Le - Walking on the Tiger's Tail

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Nguyen Le - Walking on the Tiger's Tail

Nguyen Le - Walking on the Tiger's Tail
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"The intent of the artist is the same as that of the sorceror: It is the act of making something out of nothing"

This ecstatic, amazing and inspired music, this lightening bolt of AHA! against the midnight sky of smooth jazz post 90's mono directional mediocrity, this authentic record embodies that most rare and wonderful of things: a mature work by an artist with a truly original voice.

This CD plays with all the elements, dark and light, heaven and earth,water and fire, performing a balancing act of opposites. Hallowed but familiar ground, it's all there: Nguyen Le fans will recognize the organic forms, compositional savvy, intellectual prowess (plus balls to the wall guitar licks) in league with a manic genius intuition. A rare combination indeed!! This CD is a valuable addition to the collection of any enthusiast or novitiate. My non-jazz loving girlfriend even liked it!! (Parts, anyway…)

ArT LaNde and Paul McCandless reprise their wonderful association with Mr Le, first documented on his second solo album, "Zanzibar". While Zanzibar (sadly out of print) is a Le classic, full of thorny compositions and marvelously interactive playing, "Walking" is a completely 21st century statement, a reinvention of their earlier work and then some, highlighting the individual maturation of three radically under-appreciated modern musicians. "Walking" is infused with pan-asian, african, european, middleastern and mediterranean elements, influences that span the history of jazz and go far back to its common roots in world music. These are just some of the exotic ingredients of this heady musical stew, which steams across the continents, fleet footed and free. There are no boundaries for these veteran travelers: the whole planet is their musical turf.

There is no bass player on this project. At first I was afraid that it would lack punch in the bottom, but all four players pick up the role at different times, giving this session a decidely open feel it would not have had with a more conventional treatment of the bass.

No egos, no bloated parades, no guitar hero grandstanding here- just beautiful compositions by one of the most unique voices in modern improvised music, accompanied by two sympatico fellow innovators, longtime compatriots from a continent away. Special mention must be made of a newcomer to this listener,versatile and supple percussionist/drummer Jamey Haddad. The result is at times stark, seductive,warm, entrancing, unsettling, sublime, inside/outside, yet strangely familiar and always, always engaging. Hunt down this CD, and in the end this quarry will become your old friend, your family, your refuge.

1. Wingless Flight
2. Yielding Water
3. Totsu!
4. Snow On A Flower
5. Jorai
6. Butterfly Dream
7. Walking On The Tiger's Tail
8. Bee
9. Evening Glory
10. Zamora
11. Eventail

Nguyen Le Quartet: Nguyen Le (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electronics); Paul McCandless (bass clarinet, oboe, English horn, sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Art Lande (piano); Jamey Haddad (drums, percussion). Recording information: Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany (10/2004 - 11/2004).