Nicholas Gunn - Crossroads (1996)

Posted By: Pete_A
Nicholas Gunn - Crossroads (1996)

Nicholas Gunn - CrossRoads (1996)
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One of my favorite New Age musicians. A classically train flutist, Nicholas weaves soaring melodies with energetic percussion. Words like inspiring, soothing, powerful can be used to describe his music. My limited vocabulary doesn't do his music justice. For those who don't know him, download it and hear for yourself. For those who do and haven't heard this one yet, I'm sure you'll like it.

I've liked all of his albums so far but I don't have his latest "Breathe". If anyone has it and is willing to share, I'd be eternally grateful.

Sorry about the poor cover image. I couldn't find any better than this.

Warm greetings to all who liked my first post (this is my second).