Nicola Conte - Bossa Per Due / Genre: Electronic,lounge / Style: Future Jazz, Latin , bossa nova / MP3 @ 320kbps +covers

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nicola conte - Bossa Per Due @320kbps +covers
Released: 12 Jun 2001
Genre: Electronic,lounge
Style: Future Jazz, Latin , bossa nova

1 Arabesque (3:34)
2 Bossa Per Due (5:52)
Vocals - Paola Arnesano
3 Dossier Omega (6:32)
Vocals - Gabriella Schiamone
4 Il Cherchio Rosso (4:21)
5 Fuoco Fatuo (3:37)
6 Forma 2000 (6:00)
Vocals - Rosalia De Souza
7 Missione A Bombay (4:43)
8 Jazz Pour Dadine (3:51)
9 The In Samba (5:54)
Vocals - Paola Arnesano
10 La Coda Del Diavolo (4:22)
Vocals - Stefania Di Pierro
11 Mambo De Los Dandies (4:37)
12 Jet Sounds (5:19)
13 Trappola Mortale (3:36)

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I like it verry much, for people who loved lounge music you must have this one!!!

Nicola Conte channels the spirit of 60s Italian jazz and spy movie soundtracks into his debut album, Bossa Per Due, and the results are amazingly fun. The tracks here exude such happiness that it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face while listening to this album. There’s plenty here to liven up dinner gatherings or cocktail parties. “Bossa Per Due” makes you want to go for a drive down a sunny Mediterranean coast. “Fuoco Fatuo” should be played when you want to evoke that smoky, underground jazz club feel. And “La Coda Del Diavolo” is a must for any wild and crazy swingers in the party. And along with the joyousness, there’s quite a bit of accomplished songwriting and musicianship too. This is jazz at its perkiest.