Nirvana Singles Box Set

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Nirvana Singles Box Set
Nirvana Singles Box Set

Nirvana Singles Box Set

Year: 1995
Format: mp3
Quality: 320Kbps VBR
Size: 122MB (95.7MB + 26.4MB)

This box set contains all of the commercially released European CD singles from

Nevermind and In Utero.

-Includes a total of 11 non-LP tracks, five of which are live recordings.

-Contains the often-requested lyrics to all the songs from Nevermind in the liner

notes of the "Lithium" single.

Singles from Nevermind:
-Smells Like Teen Spirit (edit) b/w Even in His Youth and Aneurysm (both non-LP tracks)
-Come as You Are b/w Endless Nameless, School (live) and Drain You (live)
-In Bloom b/w Sliver and Polly (both live)
-Lithium b/w Been a Son (live) and Curmudgeon (non-LP)

Singles from In Utero:
-Heart Shaped Box b/w Milk It and Marigold (non-LP)
-All Apologies b/w Rape Me and Moist Vagina (non-LP)


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