Nor Elle - Kombologi

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Nor Elle - Kombologi

Nor Elle - Kombologi
Label : Mole Listening Pearls | Released: 2006

"Komboloi" is the prayer chain of the Hilandar cloister on the mountain Athos, the monk's republic on the Greek peninsula Chalkidiki. Following this relic, the new phenomenal work of nor elle is called "Kombologi". An album that moves the center of the consciousness and touches with it ´s soul and mind like no other.

"Kombologi" is an almost quite epic work of uncommon emotional density. The album performs like a kind of musical novel that leads in wonderfully warm sounds and beats into the most wonderous spiritual corners of the world. The album tells stories from a light unconcerned life. The music is not in search for anything, it is just arrived and achieved its aims. There is no need to transport messages, just enjoy and reflect.
"Kombologi" functions as an inspiration and projection screen. All electronic sounds feel like a warm foam bath. The beats gently caress the body. A quite easy acoustic guitar covers with sudden feelings of happiness. Out of the speakers warm wind is floating directly from the blue sky above the desert. The voices are reflected in the horizon as mirages of the nicest places of the world.

Track List:
01. Rainstation
02. Let Things Slide
03. Reflection
04. These Strange Days
05. Ghost
06. Oriental Fusion
07. Magic
08. Another Jazzlife
09. Next Rest Area
10. Rock My Soul
11. India Drone
12. Sunsurfin´
13. Evening Echoes
14. The Sea