Dream Theater - Octavarium

Posted By: kocas

Dream Theater - Octavarium 192kbps cbr 2 parts rar archive total 72mb no pass

High points, not many low points. Here we find Dream Theater at a very mature tone.They are trying to sound like no one but themselves. Petrucci blends in well and Portnoy doesn't try to over drum it. We all know they are excellent players but playing at 1000 miles per hour doesn't prove it, this type of music does.

I haven't heard such wonderful melodies from this band since Awake, it's not because a lot of people have said it's because it's true. This is a total group effort. Ruddess is magnificent,he really earns his place and has himself sounding like Kevin Moore in places. Train of Garbage was an embarrasment to metal and to prog, this is refined and pure art rock.
ENJOY ...I did!

Personally I recommend "Scenes From A Memory" first, if you are new to Dream Theater.