Opeth - Morningrise

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Opeth - Morningrise (Progressive Metal, LAME 3.97 MP3 320kbps, ID Tagged, 165MB)

A good review (excerpt from Ama_zon):
Reviewer: Michael E. Finnegan "bmaniii" (Pawtucket, RI United States)

After the great debut death metal album Orchid, Opeth are back with their next great accomplishment in the Swedish death metal scene (because those were oh so rare in the mid 90s. . ). They use the style of melo-death/"Gothenburg Sound" that was popular through those years (they later abandonned it for a more original style). Like it was shown on Orchid, they have possibly the most ambitious songwriting as possibly any metal band, or possibly any band, in a very long time. Their songs are long, chorusless and in their own way arranged in the way operas are. Instead of being constrained to intro/verse/chorus etc, Opeth just have their styles change every few minutes. About 5 minutes into a song might hear a remembered riff from earlier in the song and your ears will great it like an old friend. To get to the point - their songwriting is amazingly talented and original.

There are no 'in between' styles, it is either slow acoustic parts or heavy death metal parts. Morningrise also does not have the folkloric style that is simply spine chilling on My Arms, Your Hearse or Still Life, or the progressive feel of Blackwater Park or Deliverance.

Overall - Morningrise is a step in the Opeth evolution. Fans of the Gothenburg Sound will love this extremely original version of it. Sadly it is not as epic, and despite being extremely ambitious, as Opeth's later masterpieces.

Almost Perfect
"Eternal Soul Torture" does nothing to add to the album and is not a bad song per say, but isn't needed.

This is the album where Akerfeldt shows he can sing as well as growl. Yes, there are snippets of this feat on Orchid, but "To Bid You Farewell" surprises those who are not used to it. It also surprised Akerfeldt that a lot of people liked his clean vocals as well as his death growls. This is the popular track of the album, but, as with every Opeth album save "My Arms, Your Hearse", the other tracks are worth every listen as well.

All the Opeth techniques are present, all the swift progressions from one emotion to the next. Opeth is like listening to a river as it winds its way around and through you. "Advent" is an amazing start to the album, interchanging quiet parts for the more metal parts. It truly sets the mood for the rest of Morningrise. This is when the Opeth I know and love from Blackwater Park and Deliverance truly established their sound.

As usual with Opeth, this album transcends genres of music, combining elements of death metal, progressive rock, soft rock, jazz, and folk. Morningrise is a masterpiece- one of my all-time favorite albums and my second favorite from Opeth. But for me, the standout parts were the long, winding acoustic passages in each song. Opeth's acoustic guitar work is always incredible, but this album takes it to an even higher level.

The amazing vocals found in Opeth's other albums are also present here, with Mikael Akerfeldt alternating between harsh singing and beautiful clean vocals. However, the harsh vocals on Morningrise are more of a high-pitched black metal shriek rather than the low-pitched demonic growls found in newer albums. Akerfeldt also writes deep and introspective lyrics which, combined with the instrumentals, have an atmospheric feel. One will get the feeling that they are deep in the forest, gazing at the morning dew while standing on the bridge depicted in the album's cover.

Songs are longer and more progressive on Morningrise compared to other Opeth albums. Each song is at least ten minutes, with the album's opus "Black Rose Immortal" clocking in at an astounding 20 minutes. There are no choruses, no catchy radio-friendly parts, and not once is anything ever repeated. The album has a sort of "wash you over" effect in that you'll love the music, but none of it will stick in your memory after the first time through. In other words, Morningrise has a very high replay value and is meant for repeated listening to truely apreciate this work of art.

With the long, progressive songs, one may be thinking that Morningrise can become boring and tedious. Wrong. Opeth never lowers the intensity, and the sheer amount of depth in this album is amazing. I can't emphasize enough how great this album is.

Opeth - Morningrise
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