Orquestra Harlow rdinero del Amor - The Love Gardener

Posted By: gandallon

Orquestra Harlow & Junior González singing

EAC VBR 0% (Highest Quality), LAME Razor MP3 @ 320 Kbps (Thx Dane1) 92MB

(Uuuf uuuf uuuf) Finally I put it together and now I present it for you guys to have your copy too.

Recorded in 1976 by the talented musicians from the Orquestra Harlow* (Personnel list & album credits included), the family of marvelous Jewish guys led by Larry Harlow that became a proud Musical Icon* in the field of Salsa.

This album is totally different from average salsa recordings, it has a very unique and mistic "tribal" flavor that makes it so special.

I committed with our friends mojabe, rocktheboss, opus54, Alexpal, tonylebrai, vlad, blackburn, nita, lateshift, Alexj007, cloakndagger, peacekeeper, myself and all of you here at Avax (please forgive me for leaving so many of you off this list) to give something in return for all the Good Stuff that is kindly shared on a daily basis.

Somewhere I lost the album jacket so I asked my wife Yasmina to create something to suffix and she gladly did the artwork for us which comes included in the package.

Please enjoy it as much as I still do…

Happy Valentine Day!