Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (1968)

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Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (1968)
Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes | 1968 | Genre: Tripicália/ MPB/Brazilian Pop/ Psichedelic
MP3 | 320Kbps | 35:56 | ~85 Mb

The band's debut album, Os Mutantes, is far and away their best — a wildly inventive trip that assimilates orchestral-pop, whimsical psychedelia, musique concrète, found-sound environments — and that's just the first song! Elsewhere there are nods to Carnaval, albeit with distinct hippie sensibilities, incorporating fuzz-tone guitars and go-go basslines….see more in Allmusic or Os Mutantes

01.Panis et Circenses
02.Minha Menina
03.O Relógio
04.Adeus Maria Fulo
06.Senhor F
07.Bat Macumba
08.Premier Bonheur du Jour
09.Trem Fantasma
10.Tempo No Tempo
11.Ave Genghis Khan


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