Oscar Peterson - Mysterious live recording

Posted By: kolosom1
Here is 20+ years old live recording of Oscar Peterson with unique repertoire: Oscar plays his interpretation of classical music. I did my best trying to find commercial recording but couldn’t.
However if anyone knows better I’d greatly appreciate the comment.
A little bit of history. About 20 years ago I got this recording on cassette tape and digitized it without restoration. So what we have here is not a CD quality recording.
How do I know it is O.Peterson at all?
Well, my friend musician told me so…and I think style is unmistakable.
Any comments, insights?

Thank you

Bach – Solphedgio
Chopin – Prelude in E
Scarlatti – Sonata in C
Chopin – Valtz in Es
Tchaikovski – Pa-de-de from Swan Lake
List – Etude in Es (Paganini)
Bach – St. Matthew Passion

Примерно 20 лет назад мой ко мне попала кассета с записью концерта О.П. Отцифровав ее с грехом пополам, выкладываю и прошу помочь в идентификации исходной записи. Просмотрев всю дискографию О.П. этой записи найти не смог.