Ouganda - Au Sources du Nil

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Ouganda - Au Sources du Nil

Ouganda - Au Sources du Nil
Genre: Natinonal Folk, Uganda | MP3, 192 Kbps | Label: ocora | 108 Mb

This field recording offers a diverse assortment of Uganda's many styles. Several ensembles are represented, two modern, the rest more or less traditional. The traditional instruments range from several kinds of drums to harp, xylophone, and one-string fiddle. While the best work comes from the instrumental soloists, especially the three harp players and the endingidi fiddler, perhaps the most unusual traditional performance is by the orchestra of agwara horns. This orchestra is composed of nine horns, each of which can play only one note! They create a melody by taking turns playing. The group could stand to work on its coordination but is still fascinating in its concept.(AMG)

01 Groupe N’Gali: Cérémonie de circoncision
02 Solo de madinda
03 Chanson accompagnée à la nanga
04 Trio de harpes adungu
05 Chansons accompagnées à la sanza
06 Solo de sanza
07 Musique de danse nnankasa
08 Orchestre de trompes agwara
09 Solo de endingidi
10 Groupe Aboluganda Kwagalana: Danse de mariage baakisimba
11 Groupe Aleka Jazz Band: Orchestre de lukeme et chanson en swahili
12 Groupe Lukeme: Orchestre de lukeme et chanson
13 Groupe Gulu United Arts: Chant dansé, accompagné de harpes adungu
14 Groupe Pawidi: Cérémonie Orak

Part 01
Part 02
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