Ozric Tentacles: Strangeitude

Posted By: bebe56

Ozric Tentacles: Strangeitude
Release Date: 1991
Tracks: 8
Produced by: Snapper Mu (Spv)
Format: MP3, VBR @320
Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock

Strangeitude is a shadowy experience, evoking the image of a mysterious snake-charmer in a damp, echoing dungeon, before running away with the audience through haunted passages and out into the night desert.

Influences from Egypt, India and other ancient civilisations feed the prolific imaginations of the Ozrics. These strands are woven together with contemporary Western styles to create truly beautiful sonic tapestries. Saucers is one if the most elaborate of these creations. It combines elements of Eastern European folk with synthesized bubbles, syncopated rock guitar and jazz-style percussion. Bright ribbons of harmony shot with light swirl and unfurl before floating weightlessly to earth. Utterly mesmerising and unbelievably complex, a live performance of this composition is awe-inspiring.

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