Paper Lace - Greatest Hits

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Paper Lace - Greatest Hits

Paper Lace - Greatest Hits
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Paper Lace consisted of Philip Wright, Cliff Fish, Chris Morris, Carlo Santanna, and Michael Vaughan . Hailing from Nottingham, Paper Lace was formed in 1969 and in early 1974 they won ITV's talent contest Opportunity Knocks. Thanks to that show they were quickly signed by songwriters / producers Mitch Murray and Peter Callender. The smash hit 'Billy Don't Be A Hero' stayed three weeks at No. 1 on the British Chart in March 1974, and an equally catchy story song reached the No. 3 position; it was called 'The Night Chicago Died'. Another hit 'The Black-Eyed Boys', took Paper Lace to No. 11 in late 1974. With their American subject matter, it was logical that 'Billy Don't Be A Hero' and 'The Night Chicago Died' should become US hits, however Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods were the first to release 'Billy', and Paper Lace had to be content with a No. 96 placing , but enjoyed their own American chart-topper with ' Chicago '. Check out the Jukebox to hear some other Paper Lace songs.

They were the most successful band Nottingham ever produced and were invited to perform on the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen Mother.

Track List :

01. Billy Don't Be A Hero (4:05)
02. The Night Chicago Died (3:32)
03. The Black Eyed Boys (3:49)
04. Hitchin' A Ride (2:47)
05. Ragamuffin Man (2:53)
06. Martha (Whatever Happened) (4:22)
07. Can You Get It When You Want It (3:35)
08. Celia (2:18)
09. Love, You're A Long Time Coming (2:52)
10. Jean (2:20)
11. So What If I Am (3:27)
12. Himalayan Lullaby (2:39)
13. In The Morning (Morning Of My Life) (2:52)
14. You Can't Touch Me (2:39)
15. Elsie (3:16)
16. I've Got You (3:23)

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