VARIOUS ARTISTS - Peter and The Wolf - Prog Fairytale

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Peter and The Wolf - Prog Fairytale

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Peter and The Wolf - Prog Fairytale
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This is a progressive rock/hard rock/fusion music adapted for the “Peter & the Wolf” fairy tale. When most of the Brand X members including Phil Collins play on this record, it is quite correct to think this is a Brand X album. There are however slight nuances and additions, given that so many further musicians are involved and since the Brand X musicians do not play all together all the time: Manfred Mann, Brian Eno, Stephane Grappelli, Bill Bruford, Alvin Lee and Cozy Powell among others. On the first track, one can recognize Collins' flamboyant drums and Manfred Mann's weird moog solos. The electric guitars often sound slightly country, and others have a nervous wah-wah effect. Grapelli's catchy and melodic violins are remarkable. One of the best track is definitely "Threnody for a duck", a VERY POIGNANT & melodic male + female choir gracefully & solemnly sing in a mourning manner. There are well succeeded cat meows produced by brilliant moog-like keyboards, probably played by Manfred Mann. There is even a orchestral fanfare, followed by a rhythmic piano + inoffensive electric guitar oriented pop rock tune, having as lead vocals a mix of Supertramp's and Rush's singers. I noticed that after the fanfare track, the mood is a bit less interesting, being more pop rock and less fusion or progressive.

Track listing:
1. Introduction
2. Peter's Theme
3. Bird and Peter
4. Duck Theme
5. Pond
6. Duck and Bird
7. Cat Dance
8. Cat and Duck
9. Grandfather
10. Cat
11. Wolf
12. Wolf and Duck
13. Threnody for a Duck
14. Wolf Stalks
15. Cat in Tree
16. Peter's Chase
17. Capture of Wolf
18. Hunters
19. Rock and Roll Celebration
20. Duck Escape
21. Final Theme

The Cast:
- Narrator / Vivian Stnshall
- Peter / Manfred Mann
- Bird / Gary Brooker
- Duck / Chris Spedding
- Duck / Gary Moore
- Cat / Stephane Grappelli
- Wolf / Brian Eno
- Pond / Keith Tippett
- Grandfather / Jack Lancaster
- Hunters / Jon Hiseman, Bill Bruford, Cozy Powell, Phil Collins

Additional Musicians:
- John Goodsall, Pete Haywood, Alvin Lee / guitars
- Percy Jones, Andy Pyle, Dave Marquee / bass
- Robin Lumley / keyboards
- Cozy Powell & Phil Collins / drums
- Bernie Frost, Julie Tippetts, The English Chorale / vocals