Peter Criss - Criss Cat #1 (1994)

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Peter Criss - Criss Cat #1 (1994)

Peter Criss - Criss Cat #1 (1994)
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Genre: Rock / Hard Rock

A surprisingly strong effort from Kiss's least-appreciated original member, Criss Cat #1 serves as a welcome reminder that Peter Criss was a rock veteran with a decade of professional experience even before Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley came calling. There's nothing new here, but that's exactly what makes the record so appealing. Criss sticks to his guns and does what he does best, turning out an album of well-played, no-bull, late-'70s-/early-'80s-style hard rock that compares favorably with any of Kiss's early studio work. In addition, the drummer learned a valuable lesson from his 1979 solo outing: The slick studio dudes have been replaced by a group that sounds like a hard workin' bar band. In the best Kiss tradition, the musicians always play for the song, leaving the doodly doodly guitar solos for less mature bands. On the tracks where Criss sings lead, his famously raspy vocals are wonderfully strong and instantly recognizable (he was, of course, the vocalist on two of his old band's highest-charting songs). His lyrics are often intensely personal, and by the end of the record, he emerges as a kind of anti-Simmons; all heart, honesty, and love of music, with no concern for fame or money. Astute fans know that the Rolling Stones and Beatles influence, not the distorted guitars and makeup, is what made Kiss truly great, and that influence is in abundance here. Highlights include "Good Times" and an acoustic guitar-based remake of the classic "Beth", both of which end up sounding like Gasoline Alley-era Rod Stewart. In the end, Cat #1 is about as close to a vintage Kiss album as any member of that band has released since the '70s (including Kiss itself). (~ Pemberton Roach, AMG)

Peter Criss - Criss Cat #1 (1994)


01. Bad Attitude
02. Walk The Line
03. The Truth
04. Bad People Burn In Hell
05. Show Me
06. Good Times
07. Strike
08. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn
09. Down With The Sun
10. We Want You
11. Beth

• Peter Criss - lead vocals, drums, percussion
• Mike Stone - lead vocals, guitar
• Mark Montague - bass guitar, vocals
• Mike McLaughlin - lead guitar, vocals

Original release date: 1994
Label: Tony Nicole Tony Records