Peter Malick, Norah Jones. “New York City” (2003)

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Surprise! One more album of Norah Jones! And don’t you dare tell me you haven’t a slightest idea who she is. She is the best present-day female jazz-singer :-)

Peter Malick, Norah Jones
New York City

Genre: Jazz
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Duration: 00:32:23

Peter Malick is the man who discovered Norah Jones singing in a New York bar and recorded her for what became this album.

1. New York City 5:07
2. Strange Transmissions 4:08
3. Deceptively Yours 4:19
4. All Your Love 4:36
5. Heart of Mine 5:08
6. Things You Don't Have to Do 3:13
7. New York City (radio edit) 3:50


Part I
Part II


Part I
Part II