Plastic City. Maybe Labelcompilation 2005

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artist ........... VA
album ............ Plastic City. Maybe Labelcompilation
label ............ Plastic City
cat .............. PLAC 038-2
year ............. 2005
genre ............ House
sub-genre ........ Deep House, Tech House
source ........... CDDA
quality .......... VBRkbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
release date ..... 08.09.2005
size ............. 113,6 MB
link .............

Hindus believe in the assumption, that the being is exposed to a constantly repeated chain of becoming and demise. This action originates movement, progress and renewal. Now the regulation has moved behind the location. From "Maybe. Plastic City" to "Plastic City. Maybe". The breath of a new generation merges with the breath of the past and gives new life to the movement of a new age. In the imaginations of generations arose new places, forms, parks, houses and pictures. A teamwork of maturity and naive intuition. If "Maybe. Plastic City" was the age of the new beginning, then "Plastic City. Maybe" is a document of the era between becoming and demise. Meanwhile, "Plastic City. Maybe." is the platform for artists of five continents. The town has grown, more internationally. Beside the well known citizens like "The Timewriter", "Terry Lee Brown Junior" or "The Mulder", many new interesting faces romp around in the bars of the town. For example, Brazilian Gui Boratto and Portuguese Luis Novo (aka Bioground), who firstly released in 2005 at Plastic City. With them, a few more warm sunrays flood over the streets and places of the town. The thermometer is rising! Four "Pastic City” areas are on the way to define, to form and to develop a new sound of "house music" in their productions as the tradition of the label has approved it. The record combines new and exclusive tracks from artists like Soda Inc., Bioground, The Kelly Project, The Timewriter, Morgan Page, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Pete Moss, Babak Shayan, The Mulder and Jean Thibault. The whole album is mixed by Babak Shayan. "Plastic City. Maybe" is the being between becoming and demise. It’s the document how a sort of movement, progress and renewal originates of art itself.


Title Sound
01. Soda Inc. - The Mask
02. Harry Vincent - Rapture (Christian G Sax Dub)
03. Jon Silva - Lovin'
04. Bioground - Hazel Eyes (Original Mellow Mix)
05. The Timewriter - Keep on
06. Morgan Page - Solstice Canyon
07. Pete Moss - Getting Around
08. Babak Shayan - Believer
09. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Outback
10. The Mulder - Something U Never Paid
11. The Kelly Project - All about You
12. Jean Thibault - Trip To Infinity
13. Get Fucked aka Nils Hess & Nathan Coles - Lovers Tiff
14. Soda Inc. - Tropicana (Pure Plastic Dub)
15. Gui Boratto - Politica
16. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Rake off

Plastic City. Maybe Labelcompilation