Paul MacCartney - Thrillington

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Paul MacCartney - Thrillington

Paul McCartney - Thrillington

Instrumental version of the Ram album.

71,7 MB (75.184.283 bytes) rar file, no pass | Bitrate: 224kbps | Vinyl-rip

Original Release Date: May 17, 1977

This lp, an instrumental version of "ram", has been entirely ignored by the public in 1977. Perhaps because it was not known that Thrillington and Paul McCartney were one and same the person. Because of this the lp became, in the course of years, a real expensive collector item. An official cd-release never took place. It was planned to be released by EMI in 1995, but only a few copies were made and so these appear available with difficulty.
The Mp3 version has been made by ripping a lp.

Orchestra conducted by Richard Hewson.

Production: Percy "Thrills" Thrillington (Paul McCartney).

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