Popa Chubby - Gas Money

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Popa Chubby - Gas Money

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Genre Blues | 1 cd | mp3 160 vbr Kbps | incl Covers | 49 MB

Track listing
1. Show Me
2. Every Girl I See
3. Angel On My Shoulder
4. Rain On My Mind
5. Wall-Eyed Woman
6. Don't Look Back
7. San Catri
8. Workin' Class Blues
9. Lookin' For One Kiss
10. Mind Yo' Stuff

Don't be scared off by the cover, Popa Chubby is the best thing to happen to blues-based rock in years! Outstanding guitar playing, ballsy yet soulful vocals, and great songs combine to make an essential CD for anyones collection. Listen to the samples, and if you don't like what you hear, you might have your ears checked!

Popa Chubby - Gas Money