Power Of Dreams : Immigrants, Emigrants and Me (1990)

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Power Of Dreams : Immigrants, Emigrants and Me (1990)
Power Of Dreams : Immigrants, Emigrants and Me (1990)

MP3 / 320 Kbps / 1990 / 97Mb / Genre : Rock

Power of Dreams are one of great lost bands. Playing in venues like the Underground in Dublin's Dame Street before they were legal only inflamed the anticipation of what was about to be achieved. One of their early demo tapes ended up in London and got them a major deal with Polydor. Their debut 'Immigrants, Emigrants and Me' was released soon afterwards in 1990. Highlighting Craig Walker's innate self-belief and talent it was a remarkable debut, fresh and arresting it spawned several great singles. 'Had You Listened' is flush with shimmering guitars that could burst into violence anytime and Walker's youthful delivery carefully rounds off the sound. Beneath the jangle, however, was a melancholy that was translated beautifully in the music. Sadly 'Immigrants, Emigrants and Me' was to be as good as it got for the band despite a huge following in Japan. Their demise eventually came in 1995 after 3 other less successful albums. Undaunted Walker went on to form the potentially great Pharmacy who imploded in the face of record label trauma. After several years in the wilderness he eventually settled with Archive who released an album called 'Lights' this year.


1. The Jokes On Me
2. Talk
3. Does It Matter
4. Much Too Much
5. Had You Listened
6. Stay
7. Never Told You
8. Bring You Down
9. Never Been To Texas
10. Where Is The Love
11. Maire I Don't Love You
12. 100 Ways To Love
13. Mother's Eyes
14. My Average Day