Marco Beltrami - The Omen OST 2006

Posted By: knollie
Marco Beltrami (born October 7, 1968) is an Italian-American film composer. Beltrami was born in the small town of Fornero, Italy, but grew up on Long Island, New York, after his parents emigrated at the beginning of the 1970s. He graduated from Brown University, spent some time in Venice working with the eminent classical composer Luigi Nono, studied at the Yale School of Music upon his return to the USA, and then moved west to the USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles, where he studied under Jerry Goldsmith.

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1 The Omen Main Titles
2 The Adoption
3 Ambassador Get Fired
4 New House / Damiens Deliverance
5 The Nannys Noose
6 A Cross To Bear
7 Ms. Baylock
8 Damiens Tantrum
9 More Tantrums
10 Kate Doubts
11 Scooter
12 Dont Let Him Kill Me
13 On The Heels Of Spiletto
14 Dogs In The Cemetery
15 Drive To Bugenhagen
16 Dirty Deeds
17 Altar Of Sacrifice
18 The Funeral
19 Boy Genius
20 Omen 76/06