Electronic: Electronic (1990)

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Electronic: Electronic (1990)

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Here is an album I liked immensely upon first listen and still admire today, sixteen years later. The music here is lush, symphonic, and expertly layered and programmed. The production is top-notch which gives all of the sounds an unexpected warmth and reminds me (despite the absence of background hiss) of listening to classic LPs as a child. In addition, much has to said for Johnny Marr's brilliant guitar work. Just when you think the music may be getting a bit too airy and fey, in comes Johnny, slashing through the mix with a blistering funk-rock riff or a stunning flamenco-style gallop. And as if that weren't enough, the songwriting is lovely and focuses on the timeless themes of romance, friendship, fidelity, and longing. Do yourself a favor and give this a try. I recommend this to everyone, even to those who aren't particulary partial to (wimpy?) 80's-style synth-pop. It's better than you think.

Track list
1. Idiot Country
2. Reality
3. Tighten Up
4. The Patience Of A Saint
5. Getting Away With It
6. Gangster
7. Soviet
8. Get The Message
9. Try All You Want
10. Some Distant Memory
11. Feel Every Beat


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