Pussycat - Goldies (Unofficial German Edition)

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Весьма популярный коллектив 70-х годов. Кто их не помнит или не может помнить - послушайте. Полезно.

Pussycat was the end result of the musical aspirations of the Kowalczyk sisters Tonny Willé, Betty Drastra and Mariann Нensen. Growing up in Limburg, Netherlands, the girls first came to attention as Zingende Zusjes (The Singing Sisters), with a well-received their repertoire of German language songs. Adding a girl drummer to the brew, the group completely revamped their sound, and changed their name, becoming The BG's from Holland – a direct nod to the burgeoning Big Beat movement sweeping the country, and the youthful assumption that they'd break out of their local scene.

Довольно популярная в 70-е годы голландская группа. Вершин не достигла, но была на слуху у всей Европы. Послушать интересно, иметь в своей коллекции надо - знаковая вещь.