Putumayo presents World Lounge

Posted By: vasok
Хотя и старый, но достаточно интересный, эклектичный микс традиционной музыки разных народов, в основном это фолк, но местами и приятный почти шансон (Pink Martini; а шансон - в хорошем смысле этого слова :)). Вообще, треклист альбома составлен из проверенных и хорошо известных в мире world music имён вроде тех самых Pink Martini, Montefiori Cocktail, Nicola Conte, Gotan Project, так что скорее подойдёт тем, кто только знакомится с world music - потому что подборка великолепная.

Putumayo presents World Lounge .. VBR MP3 .. 96 Mb .. Lounge, world music

А вот что пишут на Амазоне:

am addicted to Putumayo releases and this is one of my favorites so far. Honestly I didn't think I'd like it nearly as much as I do. It's difficult to describe it's overall appeal, since genre-namedropping doesn't do this music justice. To humor the prospective buyer, however, I'd say it's a nexus of world music, Euro trip-hop/club, and dub with a fun dash of retro-kitsch. Each track is distinctive enough to stand out on its own, which is one of this sampler's strengths. I give it 5 stars because while there's a couple of tracks that don't do it for me, the tracks I enjoy more than make up for the ones I can do without. Having said that, I'd rank Mo' Horizons, Mau Mau, Blue Asia, and Pink Martini as the winners on the bunch, both for the distinctive style and musical appeal of each track, with the Montefiori Cocktail track getting an honorable mention for its delightful kitschiness. I enjoyed some of these tracks so much it motivated me to go out albums by three of these artists, despite the premium import price I had to pay for them all. It's a wonderful album to kick back and chill with, without it getting dull or boring, as well as something to throw on the player at a party that'll definitely make heads turn and intrigue any inquiring minds.


1. Dimdanana - Jasmon
2. Missione A Bombay - Nicola Conte
3. Santa Maria - Gotan Project
4. Foto Viva - Mo' Horizons
5. Venus Nabalera - Mau Mau
6. Abyssinean Dub - Blue Asia
7. Shiva's Daughters - Arling & Cameron
8. Agua De Beber - Montefiori Cocktail
9. Instinctive Traveler (Funk.ed Up Mix) - Dissidenten
10. Trance Dance (DJ Krush Mix) - Hamid Baroudi
11. Sympathetique - Pink Martini