Ramases: Glass Top Coffin (Vertigo 6360 115) 1975

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Ramases: Glass Top Coffin (Vertigo 6360 115) 1975

Ramases: Glass Top Coffin (Vertigo 6360 115) 1975

Ramases: Glass Top Coffin (Vertigo 6360 115) 1975

It's very hard to describe this music. First I heard it sometimes in late 70' and I was so deeply impressed, so that it remained in my memory until the past year, when I obtained the original LP in ebay auction. As the record was never released as CD, I decided to make a digital transcription. First I made the digital copy using quite expensive and sophisticate equipment in 24 bit 88,2 kHz format. Then I spent several weeks at cleaning (the disc was in quite good condition and very good sounding, nevertheless with many clicks and pops) and, finally, I made a digital master in CD format. Note the sound was kept as near to analog playback as possible, without any mastering tricks like equalisation, compression or so on. The copy published here is divided into tracks according the original tracklist, but in fact there were no silences between the tracks on the original record. It means if you will make your own CD, you must burn it without pauses. I recommend to use genuine gold media, e.g. Mitsui or Hi-Space.


#1 Golden Landing [6:05]
#2 Long, Long Time [5:16]
#3 Now Mona Lisa [2:59]
#4 God Voice [3:18]
#5 Mind Island [4:37]
#6 Only The Loneliest Feeling [3:01]
#7 Sweet Reason [5:48]
#8 Stepping Stones [4:30]
#9 Saler Man [5:06]
#10 Children Of The Green Earth [3:31]
#11 Glass Top Coffin [4:02]
#12 Golden Landing (Part II) [2:23]

* Ramases and Sel: Lead vocals and acoustic guitars
* Jo Romero: Acoustic and electric guitars, Tablas
* Pete Kingsman: Electric and string Bass
* Roger Harrison: Drums and tuned percussion
* Barry Kirsch: Piano, Synthesizer
* Colin Thurston: Bass on 'Long Long Time'
* Kay (Garner), Sue (Glover) & Sunny (Leslie) and the Eddie Lester Chorale: Backing vocals (Sue and Sunny were from the Brotherhood Of Man)
* Bon Bertles (of Nucleus): Sax
* Orchestra: Members of the Royal Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestras
* Orchestral arrangements by Rob Young

You can find very extensive information on the record as well as on the author at

Little is known about Ramases following the release of Glass Top Coffin. He seems to have slipped into obscurity, remaining in Felixstowe. Reports in the nineties quote Ramases as having died, with suicide being the cause of death.

(175,8 + 158,3 MB)


Ramases: Glass Top Coffin (Vertigo 6360 115) 1975