Rammstein Mutter (2001)

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Rammstein Mutter (2001)

Rammstein Mutter (2001)
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Take one part Mahler and another part Rob Zombie and inject a healthy dose of German pride and you’ve got cutting-edge, Euro death-rocker Rammstein. Rammstein broke through with their MTV hit "Du Hast" two years ago and are back with a hard hitting Deutschland rock record with delusions of grandeur and musical overtures that are reminiscent of Bob Geldof’s Pink character’s Cult of Personality scenes towards the end of the feature film The Wall.
Make no mistake, Rammstein is a nouveau heavy metal band with lots of production polish. Refreshingly, they skip the oh-so-popular temptation to employ seven-string guitars and primal screaming. Rammstein keeps their tunes way clean, as they are one seriously tight band. I’d like to see Rammstein vs. Metallica in a battle of the bands. Rammstein is so much more edgy and hard-hitting that I think they could take the aging rockers from San Francisco with their pure-bred power…

Track List:
1. Mein Herz brennt
2. Links 234
3. Sonne
4. Ich will
5. Feuer frei!
6. Mutter
7. Spieluhr
8. Zwitter
9. Rein raus
10. Adios
11. Nebel

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