Misty In Roots - Misty Over Sweden -vinyl rip VBR 54 mega

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Misty Over Sweden - vinyl rip

1. Misty Jamming
2. Judas Iskariot
3. Time´s Getting Harder
4. See Them A Come
5. Ghetto Of The City
6. Oh Wicked Man
7. Mankind
8. Sodom & Gomorra

This is a live recording of Misty In Roots in Gothenburg and Linkoping, Sweden on the 11 & 12th of April, 1979. It is very rare and hard to get ahold of. It is considered a real treasure by MIR fans.
It contents is similar to the one of “Live At The Counter Eurovision” considered to be one of the all time best reggae live albums. The Counter-Eurovision took place at the Cirque Royal in Brussels on 31st March and 1st April, 1979. So this recordings are less than 2 weeks older, but the magic is still there. Recommended for all music fans and bible readers ;-)…

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