Ravi Shankar and Phillip Glass - Passages

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Ravi Shankar and Phillip Glass - Passages

Ravi Shankar and Phillip Glass - Passages (1990)
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A collaboration between an avant-garde modern classical composer and a traditional Indian/Hindi composer/performer seems as unlikely as ice hockey on the River Styx.
However, Passages is a collaboration between Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar and it works quite well. Shankar's smooth style fits nicely with Glass' dissonant orchestrations. There is a great deal of technical data involved here. Both of these artists have long taken intellectual approaches to music. Thus, the liner notes are a bit heavy-handed. The music is brilliant. The symphony dominates the soundscapes, but Shankar's atmospheres are integral to the success of this project. (AMG)

1. Offering (Shankar)
2. Sadhanipa (Glass)
3. Channels and Winds (Glass)
4. Ragas In Minor Scale (Glass)
5. Meetings Along The Edge (Shankar)
6. Prashanti (Shankar)