Renaissance - Songs From Renaissance Days 1997 Mp3 @192 Artwork

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Songs From Renaissance Days 1997 Mp3 @192 Artwork

Renaissance - Songs From Renaissance Days 1997 Mp3 @192 Artwork

"1997 collection on Repertoire featuring 10 rare or unreleased tracks, including the 1978 hit 'Northern Lights',plus 'America' and 'You'. Eddie Hardin and Ian Mosley guest."

"This CD consists of rare and unreleased songs from Renaissance. One, "Island of Avalon", is a B-side from the 1979 "Azure d'Or" sessions. "Northern Lights" and "No Beginning/No End" are solo demos from Annie Haslam dating from 1988. The rest come from sessions around the period of the "Time-Line" album. So, not surprisingly, the sound continues the 80's synth-pop sounds the band had begun producing during the Nevada sessions and continued through "Camera Camera" and "Time-Line". So, a lot of fans of the band's original classical/progressive sound will be put off by the dance rhythms of tracks such as "The Body Machine" and "You". The strongest tracks are the lovely ballads "Only When I Laugh", "Africa", "Dreamaker" and a cool version of Paul Simon's "America". Still, only fans really familiar with the band's late period should pick this up."

Renaissance: Annie Haslam (vocals); Michael Dunford (acoustic guitar, background vocals); John Camp (bass, background vocals). Additional personnel: Bimbo Acock (flute); John Tout, Peter Grosling, Eddie Hardin, Mike Taylor, Rod Edwards (keyboards); Terry Sullivan, Peter Baron, Gavin Harrison, Ian Mosely, Dave Dowle (drums). Includes liner notes by Russ Elliot.


(1) Africa (Camp/Dunford/Haslam)
(2) Dreamaker (Camp/Dunford)
(3) Northern Lights (Dunford/Thatcher-Newsinger)
(4) No Beginning No End (Dunford/Thatcher-Newsinger)
(5) Only When I Laugh (Camp/Dunford/Haslam)
(6) The Body Machine (Camp/Dunford/Haslam)
(7) Writers Wronged (Camp/Dunford/Haslam)
(8) Island of Avalon (Dunford/Thatcher-Newsinger)
(9) America (Paul Simon)
(10) You (Camp/Dunford/Haslam)

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