Rhapsody - The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (2005)

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Rhapsody "The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream" | 2005 | Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
MP3 | VBR ~320 Kbit/s 44100Hz Joint-Stereo| 30:46 | 47 MB

Track listing

1. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (English Version)
2. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (Italian Version)
3. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (French Version)
4. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (German Version)
5. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (Orchestral Version Duet)
6. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (Original Version)
7. Autumn Twilight
8. Lo Specchio D'Argento

A marvelous album for anyone who is a fan of classic/operatic vocals and orchestrated music. RHAPSODY again, prove to the Metal world that their extreme talent and diversity can never grow sour.

'The Magic of the Wizard's Dream EP' is a unique approach to the Metal world as legendary actor Christopher Lee (most recently recognized as Gandalf, White Wizard of The Lord of the Rings trilogy) again joins the band in their music, this time not narrating the story line (as in several songs in Rhapsody's most previous full length album 'Symphonies of Enchanted Lands Pt. II - The Dark Secret'), but also classically harmonizing his voice melody with the Voice of Italian Metal/Rhapsody frontman, Fabio Lione (formerly of Athena, Labyrinth and Vision Divine).

This EP includes "The Magic of the Wizard's Dream" in four different languages: English, Italian, French and German. It also features both, the album and orchestrated versions. The last two tracks "Autumn Twilight" and "Lo Specchio D'Argento" are two previously unreleased tracks that are very well suitable for new comers, especially for fans of Rhapsody that truly enjoy the earlier albums and their Italian ballad "Lamento Eroico" ('Power of the Dragonflame') which is fairly similar to "Lo Specchio D'Argento", as it is also sang in the band's native language.

With a full choir and orchestra at their side, legendary masterminds and self produced Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli along with the rest of the band and co-producer Sascha Paeth have again combined their magic wands and created another masterpiece. Most recommended to those who appreciate this style of music and hold an open mind. Definetly not a heavy metal package, but most definetly suitable for those who appreciate diversity and true talent.

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