Rick Wakeman - Made In Cuba (2005)

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Rick Wakeman - Made In Cuba (2005)

Rick Wakeman - Made In Cuba (2005)
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Prior to looking at the actual concert I would advise you to watch the special feature "The Road To Cuba" first. This feature contains a lot of explanation as to why Rick Wakeman went to perform in Cuba in the first place. With a Cuban flag in the back, Rick tells us about the hospital for children with cancer. It's mainly for them that he has done the concerts in Cuba as he wants to give them a little sparkle in their way too short lives. Rick is interested in Cuban music and its institutions. At one point Rick even meets Fidel Castro (no footage of his encounter on this DVD though) who is to give a speech the next day at the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana. As Rick is in the same venue with his band, he thinks that Wakeman and the ERE will probably have to move to another venue. Then Fidel hears about Rick already taking up the venue and orders his people to search for another venue regarding his speech! Furthermore in this extra feature Rick tells us about his current line-up. All in all an interesting half hour!

But then the concert. With most of the material pulled from his first three albums, the band works ever so well together. There's so much energy and power on stage. Ashley Holt, however, looks like the odd one out as he reminds me of a tourist coming home from his holidays in Hawai'i (just look at that shirt!). The band's version of "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" is shorter, more to the point, including superb bass- and guitar solos towards the end. Rick performs totally on his own a great version of "Jane Seymour," which goes down a storm and is a big favourite if you're into church organs. The young drummer who was added to this line-up, when right at the very start of the tour Tony Fernandez told Rick he couldn't make it, gets a fab solo spot here. Ashley Soan's drum solo even has a title, that being "Shed Building." During "Merlin The Magician" Rick straps on his keytar and takes a walk amongst the public. He finally grabs a girl by the arm and places her in front of the stage her arms stretched before her. Rick places his keytar on the girl's arms as if she's an alternative keyboard stand whilst playing his superfast moves. The picture is complete when Ashley puts a magician's hat on Rick's head. "Merlin The Magician" indeed! For the band's well deserved encore they delve into Yes' impressive catalogue and perform a rousing version of "Starship Trooper/Wurm." The most difficult part here is to accept Ashley's low and rough vocals as opposed to the high polished vocals from Jon Anderson. Once again Lee Pomeroy and Dave Colquhoun get their moment of glory playing their respective instruments to the limit.

This DVD surely is one of the best I've seen of a Rick Wakeman concert. The footage is filmed in a very professional way whilst the band really shows they are having fun all the time. It's exactly that feeling which translates itself onto your screen at home as if you were in Cuba yourself. I remember having seen a DVD by Manic Street Preachers when they also performed in Cuba. As an extra, the DVD contained a long documentary on Cuba. To be honest the half hour feature with Rick could well have been longer for me as there was surely plenty to talk about and also to see whilst in Cuba. It is however wonderful promotion both for Rick and his stunning young English Rock Ensemble and for Cuba and its people.

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Track Listing: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth / The Recollection – The Spaceman / Catherine Parr / The Visit – The Return Of The Phantom / Jane Seymour / Shed Building / King Arthur / Cathedral Of The Sky / Merlin The Magician / Starship Trooper - Wurm

Special features: "The Road To Cuba": a documentary capturing the behind the scenes action on Rick's visit to Cuba / Photo gallery (around 180 different pics!)

Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Ashley Holt - vocals
Lee Pomeroy - bass
Dave Colquhoun - guitar
Ashley Soan - drums
Erik Jordan - additional keyboards

1. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
2. The Recollection (The Spaceman)
3. Catherine Parr
4. The Visit (The Return Of The Phantom)
5. Jane Seymour
6. Shed Building
7. King Arthur
8. Cathedral Of The Sky
9. Merlin The Magician
10. Starship Trooper (Wurm)
11. The Road To Cuba (Documentary)
12. Photo Gallery

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