The Beatles : The River Rhine Tapes

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The Beatles : The River Rhine Tapes

The Beatles : The River Rhine Tapes

The River Rhine Tapes (Bootleg) (1969)
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By the end of 1968, the Beatles planned to do a movie (also because of a contract), and an album.
However The White Album took too much energy from each member, and they were looking each for different subjects.
In a cold January of 69 , they regroup at Twickenham to do some rehearsals, of which the movie and the album should be done. Therefore everything was taped on Niagra (recorder). For the die-hard fan those tapes are highly sought. Almost a month of recording !!
However most of the sound was terrible and neither beatle was enthusiastic about the sound. You can hear some excerpts from those tapes on the Let it be naked Three attempts were made to bring what finally became :"Let it Be" with the horrible Phil Spector's Wall of sound.

What you 're gonna hear here is a highly good sound taken from those Nagra Tapes.

Track listing :

01 Two of Us [3:39]
02 I dig a Pony [3:55]
03 I got a Feeling [3:52]
04 Dont Let Me Down [3:36]
05 I Me Mine Waltz [1:25]
06 Let it Be [3:37]
07 For You Blue [2:52]
08 One After 909 [3:19]
09 Long and Winding Road [3:47]
10 Get Back [3:48]
11 Oh Darling [2:42]
12 Across the Universe [3:22]
13 Dig It [2:17]
14 Mailman [1:51]
15 Good Rockin Tonite [1:43]
16 20 Flight Rock [2:09]
17 Her Majesty [1:43]
18 Maxwells Silver Hammer by John [1:10]
19 Maxwells Silver Hammer by Paul [3:39]
20 Suzy Parker [2:00]
21 Bad Finger Boogie [1:17]
22 Mean Mr Mustard [1:21]
23 All Things Must Pass [3:09]
24 The Walk [3:54]
25 River Rhine [4:20]
26 BillyBeatle Boogie [5:18]

Total Running time 1:15:57

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