Re-Orient - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (2006)

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Re-Orient - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (2006)

Re-Orient - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (2006)
Fusion World Music
(Indian, Arabian, Jazz)
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Re-Orient - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (2006)

Another feast from Re-Orient with Baluji Shrivastav, this time featuring as very special guests the legendary musicians Andy Sheppard, Guy Barker and Hossam Ramzy.
This album features some of Baluji's longer and more complex pieces plus the usual exotic pieces from the band.

1 Blessings (10:23)
2 Pharoah's Dream (6:46)
3 In Candlelight (8:38)
4 Way I Feel (6:28)
5 Seven Wonders (4:17)
6 Taal Manjari (Flowering of Rhythm) (8:48)
7 Fruit (3:21)
8 Water Colour (5:07)
9 Spirit of Joy (5:45)

Re-Orient - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (2006)

Baluji Shrivastav : sitar, tabla, dilruba, ghatam, pakhavaj, voice, gopi, bulbultarang, swarmandal, keyboard, manjira, ghunguru, bells, samples
Linda Shanovitch : voice
Chris Conway : keyboards, piano, acoustic & electric 9 string guitar, low whistle, voice, shaker
+ Guests :
Hossam Ramzy : darabuka, duff
Andy Sheppard : soprano saxophone
Guy Barker : trumpet

Re-Orient - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (2006)

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Like an extended jam session post-Coltrane, this album fuses Indian sounds primarily with a saxophone in a relatively free manner. Baluji Shrivastav has been around the fusion scenes of London for some time, and with Re-Orient, aka Jazz Orient, he's been one of the go-to performers for ARC Records when some contemporary Indian is called for. Here, they fuse jazz and Indian music, along with elements from Middle Eastern music (Hossam Ramzy provides some Egyptian percussion throughout that often mirrors the Indian percussion). Guy Barker and Andy Shappard provide the brass for the fusion, always capably adding in the accentuation needed for the piece at hand. With the palette of sound roving from genre to genre rather often throughout the album, the overall effect is a piece of nice ambient music. It never gets too terribly daring, but it never quite falls flat either (even the elevator music of "The Seven Wonders" comes off as nostalgic exotica more than kitsch). Worth a listen for fans of jazz fusion in a less serious tone than the old John McLaughlin recordings. ~ Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide


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