Robbie Robertson Self Titled MFSL Ultra Disc CD Clone Cd Image

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Robbie Robertson Self Titled MFSL Ultra Disc CD Clone Cd Image

Robbie Robertson
Full Range Ultra Disc 2 CD | Clone CD Image | Covers and Booklet inc | 318 Mb RAR file

Robbie Robertson's first solo album, released eleven years after the Band called it quits at "The Last Waltz", found the singer-guitarist mining radically new territory. Hiring Daniel Lanois as coproducer, Robertson crafted an album that owed very little to the Band's roots-Americana sound. Instead Robertson opted for a quirky, enigmatic modern approach, using drum programs, the stick, and guest musicians such as U2, Peter Gabriel, and Bill Dillon. If the album had a weakness, it was in the vocal department. Robertson had only sung lead on a couple of songs with the Band. His reedy ghost of a voice can be quite effective but wears a bit thin over the course of a whole album. Ultimately that is a minor complaint, as the songwriting, arrangements, playing, and sound-painting are superb. Highlights: "Broken Arrow" and "Somewhere Down the Crazy River."
– Rob Bowman, All-Music Guide


1. Fallen Angel
2. Showdown at Big Sky
3. Broken Arrow
4. Sweet Fire of Love
5. American Roulette
6. Somewhere Down The Crazy River
7. Hell’s Half Acre
8. Sonny Got Caught in the Moonlight
9. Testimony


• Sammy Bo Deans, vocals
• Paul "Bono" Hewson, vocals/bass/guitar
• Eluriel Tinker Barfield, bass
• Terry Bozzio, drums
• Hans Christian, bass
• Adam Clayton, bass
• Rick Danko, vocals
• Bill Dillon, guitar
• The Edge, guitar
• Gil Evans, horns
• Peter Gabriel, keyboards/vocals
• Garth Hudson, keyboards
• Manu Katche, drums
• Larry Klein, bass
• Abraham Laboriel, bass
• Daniel Lanois, producer/guitar/percussion/bass/vocals
• Tony Levin, bass
• MariaMcKee, vocals
• Larry Mullen Jr., drums
• Ivan Neville, vocals
• Robbie Robertson, procucer

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