Roger Hodgson - Rites Of Passage - 1997

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Roger Hodgson - Rites Of Passage - 1997

Roger Hodgson - Rites Of Passage - 1997
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Genre: Progressive rock

After a long break, he launched into his first tour since 1984 and released 1997's live "Rites of Passage" to document the tour. He performs with a full band including his son Andrew, and Supertramp sax player John Helliwell. He then embarked on his first world solo tour in 1998.
After taking several years off from the music business, former Supertramp singer Roger Hodgson got back into the saddle with 1997's "Rites Of Passage," a live album recorded near Hodgson's home of Nevada City, California, featuring 8 new, previously unheard songs, plus a few Supertramp hits and a couple of other songs contributed by Hodgson's band members (including his very talented son Andrew Hodgson, who plays drums for most of the album). "Rites Of Passage" isn't really a "proper" new album from Hodgson, but it's a very excellent live performance, and the new songs are great, including the catchy "Every Trick In The Book," the punchy "Showdown" (which Hodgson would later record for his 2000 album "Open The Door"), the beautiful "Don't You Want To Get High," and the magical, majestic "Time Waits For No One." Supertramp faves "Take The Long Way Home," "The Logical Song," and "Give A Little Bit" are all given superb treatments (featuring 'Tramp sax man John Helliwell), and there's also a terrific moment as Hodgson steps aside and lets his son Andrew take a solo spotlight at the piano & microphone with his very lovely song, "Melancholic." For any diehard fan of Roger Hodgson and Supertramp, "Rites Of Passage" is a major treat.
By Alan Caylow (USA)


01. Every Trick In The Book 5:54
02. In Jeopardy 5:13
03. Showdown 4:45
04. Don't Want To Get High 4:07
05. Take The Long Way Home 4:27
06. Red Lake 5:14
07. Melancholic 4:31
08. Time Waits For No One 9:07
09. No Colours 4:56
10. Logical Song 3:47
11. Smelly Feet 6:02
12. Give A Little Bit 4:17

All songs by Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson except :
"Take The Long Way Home", "The Logical Song" & "Give A Little Bit" by Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies
"Melancholic", written and sung by Andrew Hodgson
"No Colours" & "Smelly Feat" , written and sung by Mikail Graham.


Roger Hodgson - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Andrew Hodgson - Drums, Lead Vocals (7), Piano, Didjeridoo (8), Harmonica, Percussion
Jeff Daniel - Hammond, Keyboards, Backing vocals, Percussion
Mikail Graham - Guitar, Backing vocals, Keyboards, Lead vocals (9, 11)
Rich Stanmyre - Bass, Backing vocals
John Helliwell - Saxophone, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Josh Newman - Cello (7)
Terry Rilley - Tamboura, Vocals (8)

Recorded live at the Miner's Foundary, Nevada City, California
The cover features the painting "The Accolade" (1901) by Edmund Blair Leighton.

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